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Introducing the Kulture Cabin, designed by Jo Day – a comfortable and private pod designed for one person, perfect for creating a distraction-free zone in a busy open plan space. With its sleek and modern design, the Kulture Cabin is both functional and stylish. Equipped with a power module that includes a 3 pin plug and twin USB fast charge, a reading light with multiple settings, and an additional USB-C charging point, the Kulture Cabin provides all the essential amenities for a productive workspace.

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  • Glare free lighting, with integral switch and USB-C
  • Practical worksurface incorporating USB-A and USB-C power point
  • PET Walls to reduce noise levels
  • 3-pin plug on worksurface – keeping trailing cables out of the way
  • Cut-away panel adds visual interest and enhances access
  • Supportive backrest for increased comfort
  • Inset panel minimises heel contact


The Carcass and seat box are manufactured from 25mm and 18mm M.F.C. edged in 2.0mm ABS.

The unit is supplied flat pack and is assembled using cams pins and dowels. The unit is supported on steel plates and M8 adjustable feet.

The seat is a polyurethane foam covered in the customer’s own choice of fabric. The interior is lined with a polyester fibre (pet) acoustic panels. The material is manufactured from recycled materials of which 50% is comes from recycled bottles. This material is recyclable.

Kulture Cabin is supplied with a small work surface and comes complete with an adjustable dimmable LED wall fixed light. A 13 amp mains power and Twin USB Fast Charge outlets are supplied in a compact unit fitted conveniently in to the corner of the work surface.

A steel cover neatly contains all the electrical equipment. The power lead is concealed in ‘wipe in’ trunking.

Available in our standard finishes.


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