Mirage Pods


The Mirage family of acoustic pods has been introduced to meet the demands of modern adaptable workspaces. Their ability to create free standing structures enclosing new spaces within existing environments frees specifiers from the constraints of their buildings whilst Mirage’s diversity adds greater flexibility of use for constantly evolving environments.

Workspace design has evolved over the decades to meet the changing demands of the workplace and the needs of the people who work in them.

Today, the very best contemporary workspaces are designed to provide not only functional efficiency, but be responsive to the needs of employees in terms of enhancing productivity and promoting personal wellbeing. Smart lateral thinking is required to create a multi-purpose environment that successfully achieves these goals, all within one singular space.

Able to transform chaotic open plan spaces into an oasis of calm, where zones designed for privacy, for collaborative work, and for core activities function together seamlessly, the Mirage family of pods are the product of such thinking.

Mirage uses high quality materials to create aesthetically pleasing modular pods for employees to work in. Their carefully crafted panels and coloured trim reflects the purpose of each pod and how it will be used. Subtle, tranquil hues enhance quiet contemplation, for example, while bright, vibrant shades help to create a stimulating workspace that facilitates increased creativity and productivity.

As well as helping you to reorganise your office in order to make best use of existing floorspace, Mirage Pods also help to provide noise control for energetic working environments. Slimline panels can reduce noise levels by up to 30 decibels, meaning that private spaces remain private, while the acoustics in shared spaces promote great communication.


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