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Gobi Study Pod
Single occupancy Gobi pods provide quiet work areas that allow users to focus on specific tasks in an environment that minimises distractions caused by external noise. These pods are cosy, ergonomically designed, and perfectly suited for their purpose. You have the option of selecting modules equipped for either permanently based equipment or mobile devices, or both, depending on your requirements. The most popular Gobi pods are of a two-tier height that works to create a protective cocoon around seated users. When standing, users are able to get a clear view of surrounding open plan areas. Gobi individual pods have a relatively small footprint, making them easy to place, and are also available in a slightly taller version, shaped like a phone booth, which has a roof plus perch points for users. These taller pods also have a useful integral light that is activated as the user approaches the booth.









Sonoran Work Pod
Sonoran pods are designed to provide private, separate workspaces that can be clustered together in different configurations. They are ideal for housing team members or workers who benefit from being geographically close together but who still want to occupy an individual unit. The integral work surfaces are generally straight rather than curved, giving the pods a streamlined appearance. You also have the option of adding service modules and cabling as required for permanently installed equipment, as well as for mobile devices. Configuring your Sonoran pods couldn’t be easier. Select single-sided pods allow users to share walls or opt for a back-to-back layout if preferred. When clustered, these pods make the most of existing floor space, allowing you to provide workspace for a greater number of people per square metre. Sonoran pods are extremely efficient and cost effective, requiring few components.

















Atacama Study Pod
If your workplace requires pod clusters that can function like hot desk stations, Atacama pods with shared components provide an ideal solution. Each pod has a triangular shape, which allows for the creation of a zigzag footprint when clustered with other Atacama pods, with each user being placed in the resultant zigzag corner. Work surfaces are designed to allow cabling to pass neatly through a cut-out space, and configured so that its possible to mount flat screen monitors or place desk top service modules within easy reach of occupants. With smaller work surfaces than Sonoran pods, people are less likely to clutter up the tapered space with personal effects. Atacama is the ideal pod for workers who need everything to hand when they drop in for a short period of time before moving on. This is a highly efficient solution that maximises available space for a mobile workforce.







Sahara Meeting Pod
Shared workspaces need to be carefully structured to make the most of the available space, as well as enhance the type of activity taking place within them. Sahara pods are designed to create a multiple occupancy workspace that facilitates collaborative work in a quiet environment. Thanks to its acoustic dampening function, whether you want to create a quiet collaborative working space, free from distractions within an open plan area, or a room in which lively discussion can be contained, Sahara pods can do both. The flexibility of the Sahara system means you can choose from a range of larger pods with options for the number of tiers required. Single tiers can be used to delineate space, while units with additional tiers allow for increased privacy. To create shared service areas for printers and photocopiers, simply use Sahara to encircle equipment and deaden the sound.




Colorado Meeting Pod
Colorado pods have gently curved walls, and are therefore ideal for creating layouts that are less angular and more fluid by design. Use of such aesthetics softens interior spaces, making them perfect environments for use as informal break-out areas, or as comfortable rooms in which to hold formal meetings and conference activities. As with Sahara pods, additional tiers can be added to Colorado units for privacy purposes, and there is also the option to choose whether you’d like the pod to have one or two entry points. This might depend, for example, on the level of access you need, as well as on what type of activities you plan for the pod. Furniture options include soft seating, suitable for informal activities, and dining or meeting and conference furniture for more formal events. You can structure Colorado pods exactly as you wish for specific activities, such as staff training sessions or briefings.




Karakum Meeting Pod
The Karakum range offers the perfect solution for housing small, private groups. The pod walls are three tiers high, above which can be found an integral roof. Pods suitable for occupancy by two, four or six occupants are available, in-line with your needs, as are units that include efficient LED lighting. Sensors for the lighting are triggered when Karakum is occupied, and will switch off when the pods are empty, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. Despite having a roof, the Karakum pod is designed to promote clean air circulation, helping users to stay focused and motivated. Selecting furniture from the options available will allow you to determine how the pod is to be used. Services can be routed from the floor upwards via the walls, as is the case with all Mirage pods, to feed adjacent or fixed work surfaces as well as suspended equipment such as monitors and projectors.






Product range


Mirage Pods are offered in a myriad of fabric ranges supplied by one of the UK’s leading manufacturers to ensure quality of upholstery and to provide specifiers with choice. Each option offers patterned weaves, subtle textures and a full palette of colour ways that can be used to enhance or contrast with the environments into which they are installed.

Fabric Selection 1

Camira Cara

Camira Carlow

Fabric Selection 2

Camira Blazer Lite

Camira L2

Camira Racer

Fabric Selection 3

Camira Synergy 170

Fabric Selection 4

Camira Aspect

Camira Blazer

Camira Canopy

Camira Patina

Camira Synergy

Camira X2

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