Insights/ Relo

Beyond the sea: the Relo collection of cocoon chairs takes inspiration from sea-smoothed stones for calming workspaces.

Imbuing comfort, calm and contemplation, our Relo collection of rounded chairs is the perfect way to welcome the global workforce back to its offices. We have taken inspiration from the beauty of nature for this latest piece. More specifically, mirroring the aesthetic of pebbles and stones shaped by rocky waters.

“Nature abhors right angles and straight lines” Spurred by research on view preferences (Joye, 2007), which argues biomorphic forms and patterns reduce stress, while encouraging focus and
concentration, our Product Designer, Steven Parkinson, crafted a comfortable cocoon for this latest collection.

After a prolonged period of home-working for many, comfort was at the top of our agenda when it came to the design of Relo. And this spanned physical comfort, but also helping people to feel at ease in their surroundings. Taking aesthetic cues from nature, we built an imbued sense of calm into the chair. The opposite of angular, it’s a welcoming piece that provides support to the user – in every aspect.

Steven Parkinson

Product Designer

With a curved, cushioned base and back, Relo is the ultimate balance of on-trend form, and function. Its winged element is extremely visually appealing, while also serving a practical purpose, enabling users to rest their arms at an ideal height.

Presented in a contemporary colour palette, with combinations ranging from cool coral and grey, to sea blue and white, and a multitude of textural blends, each piece can be made specifically to suit any style or setting. The colour palette we’ve selected for Relo is trend-led, while reflecting our biomorphic inspiration. We’re also allowing customers to combine textured materials to further add personalisation and comfort. Woven fabric can be cooled with a juxtaposition of smooth leather, while suede might meet a hardouter shell. The ability for building bespoke is a very exciting prospect.