Insights/ Monoko

Whether for contemplation or collaboration, our Monoko seating range comfortably supports all.

Designed with the needs of the modern mixed-use space in mind, our Monoko collection of single and dual chairs is stylish and comfortable in equal measure. With the boundaries between workplace, hospitality, and residential environments more blurred than ever before, we have taken elements associated with each to design the ultimate one and two-person seating collection.

Available as either a single, or double seater, with frame in a natural or dark wood finish, plus bespoke choice of fabrics – from on-trend seventies’ inspired mustard to pared back charcoal grey – Monoko’s chic, Scandinavian style offers comfort to those seeking anything from contemplative quiet to a collaborative chat.

“For the Monoko collection, we were very much inspired by bringing the comfort of domestic spaces into commercial environments. The aim was to create a range of one and two person seaters that would look equally as at home in a workplace, as they would in the lobby of a high-end hotel. Plus be as comfortable as the furniture you’d choose for your own house or apartment. As we return to both work and leisure spaces, we feel there are elements of the home that should be retained: comfort being top of the list. The aesthetic is led by Scandinavian simplicity, with the sleek wooden frame providing a strong geometric statement that encases the chosen fabric for the chair within. The resulting design can be as minimalist, or as maximalist, as desired. The beauty of Monoko is in its ability to flex for its surroundings, all the while providing a comfortable baseline as standard.”

Steven Parkinson

Product Designer

To find out more about available spec for our Monoko Range, please visit the Monoko Product Page.