When it comes to sustainability, everything matters.

Sustainability is rightly of greater importance than ever, but it has always been how we do things. Championing British manufacturing with as much under our one roof as possible. From design, to manufacture, to delivery; where we can lighten our footprint we will. No greenwash, simply great looking products, built to last, all made in Britain.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. Always. From how and where we source raw materials to how they are manufactured and packaged. From concept to creation, we take responsibility not only for what we make but how we make it. We are committed to measuring the impact of what we do on the world around us and the people in it. And we’re constantly looking for ways to minimise this without ever compromising on design, use and quality.

Our mission

We have set ourselves a goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 5% every year and we will be net-zero by 2030. But the journey starts here.

Donated to local charities In 2023 (£)*
Energy generated from solar panels in 2023 (kwh)*
22 years
Average length of service
CO2 Emissions avoided in 2023 (kg)*
waste sent for recycling in 2023 (kg)*
Over £1 Million in state of the art machinery annually
Waste sent to landfill
Packaging materials recycled (kg)*