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Sustainability is rightly of greater importance than ever, but it has always been how we do things. Championing British manufacturing with as much under our one roof as possible. From design, to manufacture, to delivery; where we can lighten our footprint we will. No greenwash, simply great looking products, built to last, all made in Britain. 

Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. Always. From how and where we source materials for our furniture to how they are manufactured and packaged. From concept to creation, we take responsibility not only for what we make but how we make it. We are committed to measuring the impact of what we do on the world around us and the people in it. And we’re constantly looking for ways to minimise this without ever compromising on design, use and quality.

We have set ourselves a goal of reducing our carbon footprint by 5% every year, and we will be net-zero by 2030. But the journey starts here.

When it comes to sustainability, everything matters.

We have complete control over our manufacturing processes and their environmental impact. The buck stops with us. So, we use materials from sustainable sources and FSC certified suppliers. On-site state-of-the art equipment meets strict environmental credentials and specialist software makes sure everything we make is made to measure. What we can’t use, we recycle. Our solar panels offset 82 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, and the energy generated from our board waste is used onsite to heat our facility. By using low cure powders to reduce oven temperatures and gas usage, we are also doing our bit.

Made to last

From the very first sketch, our furniture is designed with durability in mind. But all good things must come to an end (eventually) and when they do, we’ve thought about this too. Our products are easy to disassemble, to recycle and repurpose.

But this is just the start. Our sustainability journey doesn’t stop, and we are committed to making beautiful furniture with a clear conscience.

Bio-mass boiler provides
65.3% and 34.7% natural gas

Manufacture optimisation

Quality control

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