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Kulture Rox

Discover our Contemporary Rocking Chair: a fusion of timeless design and unmatched comfort. With sleek plywood arms and a luxurious upholstered core, it’s the perfect retreat. Lift any space with its elegant silhouette and experience the epitome of style and comfort with every sway.

Product range




  • Optional foam backed quilted detail
  • Selection of Fabric Outers (Those shown are Camira Synergy Quilt Channel to achieve quilted effect )


  • 36mm Bonded Plywood Outer Arm
  • 18mm Plywood Carcass End Panels / Front Panels / Rocking Runner
  • 25mm MDF Carcass Crossrails
  • V Board Outer Skin
  • V28 Foam Outer / Recon Foam Seat
  • Webbed seat substructure