We have always been a manufacturer, but what we are today is very different than even five years ago. Our operation in Bolton brings together probably the largest collection of skills and capabilities of anyone in the UK furniture industry. All under one roof.

It all begins with our products. In fact, it really begins with our people.

People that work in partnership across the business. People we encourage to challenge what we have always done. People with a shared character and set of values that means they care about what they do, and it shows.

Our designers are not simply dreaming up the next concept in a creative bubble, they are down on the shop floor. Meeting welders, joiners, powder coaters and upholsterers. How can it be made; how easy can it be to install? Because what good is beauty without common sense?

This also gets more from everyone – in partnership is progress. And we know that is when the magic happens.

Once we have that idea, we really go to work.

We do not have vast warehouses of stock gathering dust – our manufacturing processes are designed to be lean. How can we get the most out of what we do to produce that consistent quality at scale? Working together we focus on the process. What you get then is a hundred small changes that add up to a huge difference.

By tracking the movement of a single product across the factory, we focus on continuously improving the process to guarantee quality and efficiency. And this is not a production line run by robots. This is taking highly skilled individuals and giving them the time to do what they do best. Yes, we have cutting-edge tech, but this is also about traditional craftsmanship.