UK designers and manufacturers of workspace furniture 
Our Story

We’ve been leading the charge in designing and crafting top-notch workplace furniture right here in the UK for almost 50 years. Thousands of products, decades of experience, working to the highest possible standards – and we never stand still. We’re all about offering a one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs and that includes services tailored just for you.

In a nutshell, we offer the full package, from design consultation to aftercare support, to provide you with bespoke and comprehensive solutions for all your workplace furniture needs. So, rest easy knowing that when you choose us, you’re not just getting quality products – you’re supporting genuine UK craftsmanship. Designed for modern use with timeless care.

Our Story

When it comes to sustainability, everything matters.

Sustainability is rightly of greater importance than ever, but it has always been how we do things. Championing British manufacturing with as much under our one roof as possible. From design, to manufacture, to delivery; where we can lighten our footprint we will. No greenwash, simply great looking products, built to last, all made in Britain.

Our clients

We’re proud to supply furniture to the best

Our clients include forward-thinking companies committed to fostering productive and ergonomic work environments, where design seamlessly integrates with functionality to enhance employee well-being and performance. Whether it’s ergonomic chairs, modular workstations, or collaborative lounge areas, we cater to the diverse demands of contemporary businesses with quality craftsmanship and tailored design expertise.