Case study

Form follows function in this diverse breakout area. Making use of the volume of space within this refurbished building; high level poseur furniture and dining height collaborative units are combined with low level sumptuous soft seating to create a truly inviting space.

Kilburn Building, School of Computer Science

University of Manchester

Products Used:
Tables, lifestyle chairs, sofas, multimedia furniture

Gresham supplied furniture for University of Manchester’s refurbishment of its staff breakout area in Kilburn Building, part of the School of Computer Science. The aim here was to create a comfortable area for coffee breaks and socialising or informal meetings, away from computer screens in general (suitable for “screen breaks”).

Gresham worked closely with the client to create a comfortable yet functional area for staff. This meant dividing up a large, open-plan area using seating clusters and sofas. Gresham supplied comfortable Richmond sofas, Chatte tub chairs, our iMedia meeting and collaboration desk that includes a mount for a screen (designed for presentations), and high level Adore chairs around the iMedia unit. Elsewhere, stylish wooden Egis 3 chairs cluster around coffee tables. The use of hemp for all seating fabrics – including the sofas – ensures the break-out area benefits from earthy, neutral colours – a pleasant contrast to the harder, synthetic materials found throughout a building associated with computer science.

As with all Gresham projects, the client was supplied with 2D and 3D visualisations during the design process and left with CAD drawings so that furniture that’s been moved around during a busy day can be returned to “optimum” positions.